Viehana was established in April, 2020 after plenty of challenges. The name Viehana is a combination of Vietnam, Happy and Natural

  • Vietnam: Vietnam is the headquarters where we made quality products as what we have guaranteed to customers. 

From material to design and product finishing, all are prepared from Vietnam. Moreover, Viehana is conscious that we need to contribute a part of ourselves to maintain Vietnamese traditional craft and publicize it to international friends. With clear vision and plan, we hope to bring our Vietnamese handicraft closer to anyone who is into living green no matter where they come from.

  • Happy: We hope this precious feeling will accompany whoever receives and uses our creative yet eco-friendly products in their daily life. This makes us happy and have always been consistent with Viehana.

“Happy” is what we aim to pursuit from the very beginning of Viehana. We always want to create a companionable, united and operative working environment for our staff. Happy for us, and happy for Earth, too. Viehana strives to become a great company with harmless products to the planet and human health, thereby simply delivering Happiness to customers.

  • Natural: We expect to improve living conditions with higher quality, eco-friendly products and raise the awareness of the community about the benefits of natural and organic products.

Our products are crafted to inspire people to join hands in promoting “sustainable consumption”, minimizing the devastating impact on nature, and effectively perform our environmental protection message. Viehana loves to fill all living spaces with eco-friendly products to inspire the “green living style” to care for you and your beloved family. We believe that a small habit in daily life can be a huge contribution to the green movement of the whole planet. 

Our head office is in:

B17, Road No. 2, The Manor Crown Urban Area, To Huu, Xuan Phu Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam

We work in both B2B and B2C markets with a commitment to providing ethically eco-friendly products. For us, “Customer is the central of the business”, so it is our pleasure to listen, improve and know how we can assist customers as much as we can. We pledge to be a meaningful and supportive brand for the community, just because we want to bring both our value and “Happy” to one and all.