Vietnamese handicrafts have a very long history. They were passed by tradition from one generation to another and were associated with craft communities around the country. They have been represented through unique, sophisticated handcrafted products. 

In Vietnam, there are around 4,500 craft villages, with nearly 400 traditional ones. Among them, bamboo handicraft is prominent with green abundant material. It is becoming increasingly well-known, and the bamboo products are being more widely used.

Bamboo was regularly used by Vietnamese people to weave basic items for everyday usage in the past. Therefore, bamboo handicraft became popular and developed into craft villages to provide practical tools meeting people’s needs, but the scale of these villages is quite small, they are mostly for family usage rather than business purpose. However, until now, bamboo craft villages have been broadened more largely and bamboo has been applied in a variety of fields, from home kitchens, furniture to construction, etc..

It is required to process raw material before beginning production. Depending on the purpose of usage, the trees are chosen with many maturity levels. After being carefully picked, bamboo is taken to anti-termite treatment by soaking in water for at least 6-8 months, then it is smoked to give brown or black color and prevent warping. The skilled craftsmen will then employ this processed material to create functional products for the market.

The finished products must be thoroughly tested to ensure that they fulfill the technical standards and cleaned before going through the final stages of processing, such as polishing and packaging.

Until now, bamboo craft has become one of the top craft specialties with high economic value in the country, but traditional handicraft villages are still being preserved and developed by artisans. Products of traditional villages are valuable not only in terms of commerce but also in terms of culture and history.

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